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This clip requires explanation to justify its 1)legal use here and 2) uploading in compliance with PewTube's terms and conditions. First off, it has redemptive values, namely that of explaining why the FakeNews is the FakeNews, by poking fun at how television execs make decisions, including regarding news content. America shouldn't be kowtowing to the Terrorist Religion. Next, copyright-related explanations; please note this is just a clip or an excerpt; since Hollywood seems to be America's other sacred cow/golden calf. I've long made the point that the American Media is public enemy number one, because it partners with terrorism. While I'm not a South Park fan, and only discovered this clip recently, I think it illustrates very well the cowardly, self-serving nature of the Network executive, including concerns regarding network news. Which is to say, American Network News is cowardly because it leads a national discussion based not on what's right for America, but what's right for a select few group of people who have a vested stake in the FakeNews. I initially posted this under NSFW, but then realized that rating is probably meant for smut. Tried to contact Mr. Anthony Pewtube but didn't get an immediate response.

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