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Accused of killing his entire class #Ganta is sentenced to the death-spectacle prison known as Deadman Wonderland. After watching the one season of the anime #I looked up some spoilers of the manga. It explains a bit more and has a bit more development #but I stand by my opinion of the anime. Ganta and Shirow's relationship is clumsily cobbled together. As it's important to the show #I can't recommend this one. It had potential #though. YouTube: DailyMotion: DTube:!/c/helbeard BitChute: PewTube: Transcript: Deadman Wonderland It can't figure out what kind of anime it wants to be. It starts out as a grisly gameshow. Then it's a fighting tournament. Then it's a prison escape drama. And there's supernatural powers. The anime explains little and leaves lots of story threads dangling. Shirow's a neat annoying character #but her friendship with the protagonist Ganta is written flimsily. Deadman Wonderland Seriously #how can she have her run of the entire prison and yet no one seems to recognize her. 'Till next time later.

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