Jimmy Carter “I believe that Jesus would approve of 'Homosexual Marriage'”





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Jimmy Carter “I believe that Jesus would approve of 'Homosexual Marriage'” Jimmy Carter: “I believe that Jesus would approve of 'Homosexual Marriage'” Do you really think Jesus would ever give the OK to kill an unborn baby? Do you really think He would endorse the wicked twisting of the sanctity of marriage? Jimmy Carter just highlighted everything that is wrong with America in an interview with HuffPo. We have become a nation of people who feel they are smarter than He Who created us. We deliver our own interpretations of God’s word and also of the Constitution that was inspired by His word. America was founded on Christian principles, but you would never know it by listening to people like former President Jimmy Carter. Not only did Carter say that Jesus would be OK with "gay marriage." He also thought that He would be OK with certain situational abortions. I wonder if Jesus would be OK with the fact that America has now slaughtered around 60 million of its own President Carter? Hey Jimmy Carter we expected your ungodly beliefs, because you're nothing more than a Pharisee (Christian in name only moron) the only one that's paying attention to you are the same people that have destroyed this country's moral compass... Donation are very much appreciated!... https://www.paypal.me/twentyxholding StevieRay Hansen www.HNewsWire.com

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