Boston Antifa Destroys the Proud Boys

Boston Antifa




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In this MFBA, it's that time again. In an impressive Kim Jong Un-like display of power, Quinn lobs some more shots at Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys. Boston Antifa can't stop winning.

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kittie kittie

- half a year ago  Reply

Won't take much to convert her to RWDS sandwich maker.


- 4 months ago  

I just wish she'd flash her tits. That's the only reason I clicked on this crap. SHOW US YOUR TITS BITCH!

Brutus Laurentius

- half a year ago  Reply

The long-haired blue-eyed girl could make a decent wife if she could get deprogrammed.


This faggot sounds like a retard. Big surprise.


- 4 months ago  Reply

ANTIFA = NAZI brownshirts

Oral Robots

- 4 months ago  Reply

I'm gonna fuck your tiddies, Quinn. Get ready!


- 3 months ago  Reply

Fuck You Bitch !

And what exactly is the problem for encouraging white people to have white babies? I made sure I had white babies and I encourage all my friends to have white children because we have an amazing, beautiful culture. Would it be a bad thing for any minority to tell their races they should only have children by those of their race? The answer is no because it doesn't matter if you are white, black, yellow or brown most people want their children to look like them and to carry on their culture. ANTIFA are a bunch of crybabies. Oh my god you offended my fragile female ego by having a group that tells young white men that it's ok to be them that there is no shame in being white and what happens minority and feminist hear this they get butt hurt. Feminist you do not speak for all women. I am a woman and I would never join a feminist party because - Abortion is murder, I do not think that I am so weak that a cat call makes me feel as if I have been assaulted or harassed. Nor do I complain of manspreading or any of the cogus crap you feminist do. Now my questions - Why is it that you feel the need to SHUT down a Men's Rights Activist trying to bring attention to the high rate of suicide amongst young men, and trying to make custody arrangements more fair so the child had an equal time with both parents or if the mother is unfit give the child to the father. 70% of inmates were raised by single mothers. Unfortunately for many children and fathers the courts decide that the mother is always the best fit for the child even though their are many cases out their of women killing their children (and yes some men) but the majority of children killed by a parent it's the mother. I do not want to be above white men and that is all feminist want and a lot of minorities. It is really sad to see the people who scream the loudest that they are so strong are the ones whose feelings are so fragile you can't imagine they have a tough bone in their bodies.


- 2 months ago  

You know why, they wish to abolish the white race just according to their grandmasters Tim Wise and Noel Ignatievs will. I take for granted they love to hear what blacks and other so called minorities say about them, since they are white i mean, that whites smell like wet dogs and that a caucasian is a shaved monkey. However, for some reason these minorities wish to live among whites, they demand it.


- 2 months ago  Reply


Alex Zemla

- 2 months ago  Reply

socialism never works and just wait till the mecca monkeys stomp you idiots out. its ok to be white you self hating idiots


- 2 months ago  Reply

The Antifa, the new RAF or Baader-Meinhof Terrorists, that´s what they are. Make no mistakes about that. This with white babies was really triggering for them i see, we all know why. The Antifa are also into antiwhite hatred, they are antiwhite race haters and the people we see here, they hate their own race and wish to abolish it. It´s obvious. But about the so called oppressed minorities, why don´t they found their own communities and societies? That would be a splendid solution and imagine the feeling of being released from the evil white society, right? Now, you whites in the antifa, you must feel terrible about your race and skin color, so why not kill your self or rather be servants to the POC for life? You are most likely convinced socialists so it shouldn´t be a problem for you working for free, ok? Or atleast work for food? I mean you are socialists, so why not? That´s a very clever solution i think, they will never feel o


- 2 months ago  Reply

Antifa. A group of wannabe commies that don't have the sense to realize they are dumb as hell. Gonna get your asses handed to you if you don't STFU! Keep bringing guns to your protests. I dare you!

Living in Hell

- 2 months ago  Reply

That broad is a fool. Minorities? Whites are the minority. Anti-Fa work for the State. They should be hunted down and if possible converted. If not well you get the picture.